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Nesting Anxieties

Posted on Sun May 22nd, 2022 @ 11:24am by Sister Olivia & Sister Abigail Harkness

Mission: Monday Left Me Broken
Location: Sister Olivia's room
Timeline: Dawn, Monday

With breakfast served and the early Scouts already on their way, Sister Abigail went to check on her newest recruit. She made her way nearly silently, not making so much as a whisper until she reached Sister Olivia's door and gave it a couple of sharp knocks and called out, "Sister Olivia, are you awake?"

Sister Olivia was wide awake, she was getting in a little early morning prayer before she began her daily routine "Yes Sister Harkness," she called out rising to her feet and with that she moved to the door and opened it.

Sister Abigail smiled at the younger woman. "I came to tell you breakfast is tended to it, the Deacon assisted me this morning. It gives us an hour or so before Mass, I was wondering if you might join me on the roof to tend my flowers."

"I'd be delighted Sister," Olivia replied "It will do us the world of good to get outside and enjoy some fresh air," she added.

"Indeed," Sister Abigail replied and gestured for the younger woman to follow as she led the way through the still dark colony.

Olivia followed Sister Abigail through the colony and onto the roof and stopped dead in her tracks "Wow this place is amazing," she exclaimed before she had a chance to stop herself.

The older woman stopped and looked around. The first glimmers of sunlight were peaking up over the city and casting long orange shadows. The early morning mist clung to the roof and seemed to make a haze of light.

"It is quite lovely," she said with a sigh. "I often forget to come up here and I guess there is little time for you to either."

"Alas not Sister, I've been dealing with the wild child," Olivia replied "Apart from trying to teach her social skills and manners, I've been making sure she bathes regularly and changes clothing more than once in a blue moon," she added god loves all of his children but that one might be a bridge too far even for god she thought to herself.

"A troubled girl to be sure. We must be patient and kind. She is used to the harsh and the cold. We must show her the gentle and the kind," Sister Abigail said as she made her way over to the Greenhouse and then around it to the edge of the roof where there stood a row of raised gardening boxes absolutely covered in a myriad of flowers, though must we're no more than buds. "We are all wounded beasts, even if some show it less than others."

"Some more than others indeed," Olivia replied as she nodded "That girl has more scars than anyone I've seen, she's been shot five or six times, stabbed twice, it is a miracle that she survived, to be her age," Oliva commented.

"I would say so," Sister Abigail replied as she took a pair of pruning shears and see to work snipping away dead or dying leaves. "It does give me hope, her tenacity."

Olivia explored the rooftop to see what was growing up here, there were flowers as well as other things "Looks like a bird of some kind has nested up here," she said to Sister Abigail "There are the remnants of a nest, and the remains of three eggs," she added.

"One is amazed by the tenacity of life in this harsh life," Sister Abigail said setting down her shears and walking over to the younger woman and the nest.

Olivia nodded "All creatures manage to survive even in these difficult conditions, they always seem to adapt," she said to Sister Abigail.

"It gives one hope for the future," Sister Abigail replied looking from the nest out across the city, the sound of birds chirping in the morning light came up from the city. "Even in this dark present."

"I gather our scouting parties are out and about, so we should pray for them and their safe return," Olivia said to Sister Abigail so that they may return to us safe and if they encounter others with them unharmed she told herself.

"Yes," Sister Abigail said hanging her head. She fell silent and instead looked out over the city. Her eyes showed the pain she did not speak of, the dream from the night before still clinging to the back of her mind. "And perhaps for those they may find..."

Olivia looked as Sister Abigail "Those they may find?" she asked "Do you know where a group of survivors are?" she asked hoping for good news.

Sister Abigail shook her head. She didn't want to trouble the younger sister's head with her nightmares, even if she had pressured James to send a group to investigate. She prayed it was nothing more than a feeling, just a bad dream and nothing more. "Just a feeling... I hope." She gave Sister Olivia a wan smile.

Olivia didn't notice the wan smile she was a little pre-occupied admiring the view from the rooftop "It is almost time for mass, shall we go now?" Olivia asked Sister Abigail.

Sister Abigail nodded and took a final look around the roof, somewhat dismayed she did not get longer to trim her flowers. She made a mental note to take some time later to do just that.

Olivia headed downstairs towards the chapel, where they held mass regularly it was a place where she found solace in her private grief since becoming a nun.

The chapel, like all the public areas, was on the second floor and it made for a bit of a walk, climbing down so many stairs. But Sister Abigail enjoyed walking with the younger sister nonetheless.

Olivia wished that there were more hours in a day but there weren't so they had to do as much as they could within the span of each day, and as a nun there were even less hours a day due to the requirements of being a devoted servant of God.

Sister Abigail paused outside the door to the chapel and turned to look at the younger woman and smiled. "I think you should read the scripture today. Go where your heart leads."

Olivia looked at Sister Abigail stunned for a few moments "I am not sure I am ready for that Sister," she admitted her knowledge of scripture was one of the weaker aspects of her life as a nun.

Sister Abigail gave her a gentle smile. "Have faith, my child," she said placing a hand on the younger woman's shoulder. "I do."

Olivia nodded and walked into the chapel, ready to deliver the scripture, she had one in mind, which she felt might be somewhat positive.

Sister Abigail quietly took her seat behind the podium and waited for the young woman to begin.

The Deacon appeared first and began the Mass with a prayer. His voice filled the room as he spoke the familiar words of the lords prayer.

When the flock spoke a joined "Amen" the Deacon looked over to the young sister and gave her a nod.

When Olivia's turn came she stood up and began to read from 1 Peter 5 To the Elders and the Flock, and when she was finished she turned the mass back over to Sister Abigail.

Sister Abigail took the podium next. She looked over the flock for a long moment before she at last spoke.

Her words washed over the flock as she spoke of humility in the face of all being lost. That we are not destined to know our own fates, lest we may flee from them.

"These are the darkest times many of us have seen, though even these times will pass. God is eternal, these times are but the blink of an eye to him. We must be humble."

When she had finished speaking she returned to her seat. A sudden pain just above her eye caused her hand to jerk to her face. The pain passed and she looked around, as if confused for a moment. Then she quickly tool her seat once more.

Olivia watched Sister Abigail with a great deal of concern, she'd never seen her like this and that worried her.

The Deacon led the flock in another prayer and they dismissed.

Quietly the Deacon walked over to the Sister and crouched next to her.

"Sister Abigail?" He asked with a note of concern.

"Sorry... Just a minor headache..." Sister Abigail said weakly.

"Get some rest, Sister," the Deacon said sternly.

"I still need to get lunch prepared..." Sister Abigail protested.

"No objections, Sister Olivia," the Deacon said turning to look directly at the younger woman. "Get the Sister to her chambers and then come join me in the kitchen."

Olivia nodded "I'll find you there as soon as possible," she told the Deacon "Come with me Sister Abigail," she added.

The Deacon nodded, "now go with Sister Olivia, don't make me ask again."

Sister Abigail relented and left with Sister Olivia.

Olivia escorted Sister Abigail to her quarters and helped her inside "Are you sure you are ok?" she asked Sister Abigail.

"Perhaps I am a bit fatigued," Sister Abigail offered with a weak sigh. "I am troubled none the less.

"You get some rest, the Deacon and I will sort out lunch," Olivia assured Sister Abigail "I am sure everyone we sent out there is fine," she added.

"I certainly hope so," Sister Abigail said as they arrived at her quarters. Inside she sat in her chair and leaned back. Only a few seconds after leaning back her eyes fell shut and she drifted into an uneasy sleep.

Olivia left the elder nun in her room, and headed to the kitchen to help the Deacon with preparing lunch, she hoped that Abigail was going to be okay and that the scout teams were all good.

When Olivia arrived in the kitchens, she reported to the Deacon straight away "What do you want me to do?" she asked.

"It's canned soup. Open the jars of vegetables over there and get them In a pot," the Deacon commanded and very quickly had her busy making soup while he worked on getting buns made.

Olivia did as the Deacon asked, she didn't want to argue with him, he seemed to know what he was doing.


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