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A Scout's Honor

Posted on Thu May 19th, 2022 @ 5:21am by Brother James Marshal & Sister Lizzie

Mission: Monday Left Me Broken
Location: Sister Lizzie's room
Timeline: Dawn, Monday

A sharp knock at the door announced James's presence as he stopped in front of Sister Lizzie's door and gave it a tap. He was hoping to find their latest recruit in good spirits, though he was uncertain about this one. She seemed to much like a feral beast to be properly housebroken. But Sister Abigail insisted that they look after all the lord's lost lambs, no matter how lost.

He knocked again, this time more impatiently.

Lizzie was in the middle of getting dressed when someone knocked on her door, and had just finished when he knocked again and she made for the door before her visitor(s) got even less patient with her don't these people have any concept of patience she asked herself.

Lizzie opened the door to find the Deacon standing in her doorway "Jeez give someone a chance to answer the door before you hammer on it a second time," she told him with a snarl.

"I waited and knocked again," the Deacon said with a slight smile. "Hope I didn't catch you at a bad time?"

"Not that it's any of your business, but I was getting dressed," Lizzie responded as she pointed to a pile of soiled clothing on the floor.

"Ah, of course, I am looking to get a small scouting team together. Nothing serious, just check out the east quadrant and report back if you find anything..." He paused before he said the last word, as if searching for some diplomatic way to say it, "-unusual."

"It'd be a pleasure, this place is slowly beginning to cramp my style, and some fresh air won't kill me" Lizzie replied "Please tell me we get our weapons back?" she asked him as she missed her arsenal.

"The rule is 'no weapons above the first floor, that means once you get to the first floor you get your weapons back. But when you get back, you check them in on the first floor<" the Deacon explained patiently.

"Fine, I'll give them back when I return," Lizzie said trying to sound as if she accepted this stupid rule but she didn't "I gather I am not going alone?" she asked him.

"No, Miss Harika will be going with you. She knows the terrain out that way best," the Deacon replied rubbing his chin in thought. "When will you be ready to go?"

"The sooner we get this started the sooner we can come back here to the safety of this place," Lizzie told the Deacon "How unusual is this unusual?" she asked curious to find out more if the Deacon was inclined to co-operate.

"It's hard to say. I have a feeling there may be nothing, but that is just my feeling. If anything stands out, anything at all, do what you can to get back here to report. Don't be a hero." He gave her a stern look. "Better you get back and we send out a full team than to lose a scouting party."

"You'll get no argument from me on that one," Lizzie told the Deacon "Are we looking for supplies, materials also or just something odd?" she asked she specialized in such things.

"You are looking for anything out of place," The Deacon replied and tossed up his hands. "I honestly cannot give you more than that right now. I can give you a direction and tell you don't head out farther than a day and get your asses back. I don't need to send anyone out looking for you."

"I can cope on my own for more than a day," Lizzie told the Deacon "But if you want me back within a day, that is fine by me," she added forestalling any further comments on the subject by the deacon.

"I don't doubt you can, but I don't like to wait and this could be a wild goose chase," the Deacon replied with a shrug.

"Lead the way to Miss Harika, the sooner we get moving the sooner we get back here, with or without anything odd," Lizzie told the deacon.

"Being in a hurry is fine by me, this way," the Deacon said and quickly navigated through the halls of the apartment building that was the colony.

Lizzie followed the Deacon through the colony presumably headed to find Miss Harika.

The second floor housed the main kitchen and eating area so it was there that the Deacon went. It only took a second to spot Harika. He made a beeline toward her.

"Sister Harika, good to see you," he said clasping his hands together as he drew close. "This is Sister Lizzie, I have a small task for you, nothing too out of the ordinary. Sister Lizzie here will fill you in on the details." He turned pointedly to Lizzie and smiled. "I have other matters that require my attention."

And before either could react he turned and left.

"Nice guy," Harika said looking from Lizzie back to her breakfast and began to eat again. She spoke between bites. "So, I take it he roped you into something stupid and I am tagging along because he hates me?"

Lizzie nodded "Mr Grumpy wants us to scout the east quadrant, we are to be on the lookout for anything unusual," Lizzie told Miss Harika.

"Right," Harika said in between bites of eggs.

"If we encounter anything unusual, we are to return here ASAP and notify Mr Grumpy, so he can send out a full team, and we have to be back within a day," Lizzie replied.

"Right, and why me?" Harika said as she quickly shoveled the rest of her plate into her mouth. A massive gulp of 'coffee later and she was done.

"Oh and He chose you because you know where we are headed," Lizzie threw in for good measure.

"Right," Harika said as she got to her feet and grabbed her dishes. "Meet me downstairs in 5. I need to go get my shit."

"Will do, I'll be at the armory," Lizzie told Harika "There is no way in hades am I going out there unarmed," she added.

Harika shrugged. "Let's hope we don't need it," she said and then headed up toward the kitchen to wash her dishes.


Lizzie was waiting for Harika downstairs, armed to the teeth, Lizzie liked to be prepared for any eventuality no matter how big or small. No matter how hard the nuns had tried to tame Lizzie, she was still feral and her exploration look made her look even more wild and untamed.

When Harika appeared she was in a beat-up old leather jacket and carried only a pistol on her hip. "You do realize we're going scouting, not hunting, right?"

"Yes, this is my scouting gear, trust me you don't wanna know what I take with me if I go hunting," Lizzie told Harika "I'd feel naked without this," she added.

"Then being upstairs must make you feel like a nudist," Harika replied with a laugh as she stuff a mask into her pack and threw it onto her back.

"Lead on, you know the way to the Eastern Quadrant," Lizzie told Harika.

Harika nodded and walked toward the large heavy doors.

Lizzie followed Harika towards the doors, she did feel naked unarmed above the 1st floor but she was slowly adapting.

"Let's hope we find whatever it is that we seek and don't run into too many problems," Lizzie told Harika.

"One can hope," Harika said with a shrug as she grabbed the door handle and opened it. A second later both stepped out into the world.


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