Before Dawn Chat

Posted on Tue May 17th, 2022 @ 5:26am by Brother James Marshal & Sister Abigail Harkness

Mission: Monday Left Me Broken
Location: Kitchens
Timeline: Before Dawn, Monday

Abigail Harkness woke before the sun from a dream. She clutched a hand to her chest as the fading visions left her. With a breath, she pulled herself from her bed and made her way over to her dresser.

She dressed in darkness and silence, pulling her well-worn nightgown off and dressing in a black dress and jacket. She pulled her hair under a simple wrap and turned to look at her window.

It was still quite dark even then.

in silence, she left her room to begin her daily routine.


As she entered the kitchen to begin the construction of breakfast for the dozen or so who would attend, Abigail Harkness was surprised to find the Deacon James Marshall already up and about.

He looked over at her and smiled warmly. "Can't sleep?"

"What makes you say that?" Abigail replied in a mock defensive tone.

"I can't either," James replied. He grabbed one of the two cups sitting on the counter and held it out to her. "Coffee?"

"It's not really coffee, is it?" She asked taking the cup from him.

"I suppose tea is more accurate, but if brew it strong enough and use your imagination, it doesn't taste exactly unlike coffee," James replied with a sideways little smile.

Abigail said nothing and simply took a drink.

"Nightmares?" he asked not entirely indelicately.

"What gave it away?" She asked giving him a tired look.

"That's what it was last time," he said taking a drink from his cup and then setting it down. "What is it this time? A storm?"

"No, this was new," Abigail said rubbing her temples tiredly.

"Tell me," James urged leaning forward slightly. "It can't hurt to talk about it."

"All I remember was the sound of screaming, children screaming in darkness and it echoing around them. I remember the fear in their voices," Abigail said a tear forming in her eye and then dripping down her cheek.

James said nothing for a moment, folding his arms across his chest and frowning. When he spoke it was cautiously. "Do you think this is just a dream or do we need to do something?"

"I don't know. Maybe it was just a dream. Maybe I'm crazy," she turned her back to him and held her face in one of her hands.

"You know I trust you, if you would feel better, I'll have a team check. Just point me in a direction," James said simply.

There was silence between them as both seemed to mull over the situation. Abigail knew that even if she gave him a direction, they would likely find something. It was the nature of the world they lived in. Pick a direction, walk long enough, and you will find a tragedy.

Finally, Abigail broke the silence. "Have a team go east."

James nodded, but didn't lower his folded arms. She had said her piece, now it was his turn to lay his foot down. "In the morning, once the first light comes and my team has full bellies, then I'll send them."

Abigail nodded. "Thank you, friend," she said turning back to him and offering him a smile.

He smiled in response. "Now, come have another cup of this crap with me and let's get to cooking."

She sighed and looked down at her half-empty cup, bringing it to her lips to drain the rest of it. " You have yourself a deal," she said and held out her cup.