Monday Left Me Broken

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When there is a shocking discovery made on a scouting mission, the colonists are left questioning their own morals as they are forced to make tough choices in the light of the ever-present outbreak.

Start Date Tue May 17th, 2022 @ 5:25am

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Title Timeline Location
Before Dawn Chat
by Brother James Marshal & Sister Abigail Harkness
Before Dawn, Monday Kitchens
A Scout's Honor
by Brother James Marshal & Sister Lizzie
Dawn, Monday Sister Lizzie's room
Nesting Anxieties
by Sister Olivia & Sister Abigail Harkness
Dawn, Monday Sister Olivia's room
Lost Souls
by Sister Harika Woodrose & Sister Lizzie
Early Afternoon, Monday Abandoned House, Eastern Quadrant
New Slate
by Brother Will Campbell
Current Seattle

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