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Sister Harika Woodrose

Name Harika Grace Woodrose

Position Scavenger

Rank Sister

Character Information

Gender Female
Ethnicity European
Age 19
Sexuality Bisexual

Physical Appearance

Height 5'8"
Build Athletic
Hair Color Blonde
Eye Color Green
Physical Description With half of her head shaved to show off her tattoo, she stands out even in a crowd. A life of fighting and hardship have left her with many scars.


Father Unknown
Mother Unknown
What is their relationship like with their family? Being raised an orphan she never had a family, so to her the sisters of mercy and the people of the colony are her family, and she kind of hates them.

Personality & Traits

What is a specific, short-term goals do they have? To get by and not die.
What is a broad, long-term goals do they have? To eventually have a family of her own, to find someone worth being in a relationship with, and to stop having to go out and risk her life.
What kind of person do they want to be? She wants to be a mother, but she also wants to be a warrior.
Describe a hobby they have or a community they are a part of. Harika is part of the scavenging team, a group that is like a small family in and of itself.

Brief Biography Harika was born after the world went to shit. She has never known a family and was raised as an orphan in the colony. She would grow up with the whole colony as her extended family. When she was old enough she began going on scavenger missions and would make a name for herself as a great fighter, but she would carry with her an empty feeling. On one of those scavenger missions, she was cut off and forced to live outside the colony for nearly a year. In the end she did things to survive she would never speak of, but she lived and that is what mattered.
What is a dark secret they hide that if got out could ruin their life? While on a scavenger mission she was captured by bandits and raped. She became pregnant. When she escaped she took the baby with her. While trying to escape the baby began to cry so she covered its mouth. She would wind up suffocating her own baby. She buried the child and managed to make it back to the colony. She has never told anyone.