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Sister Abigail Harkness

Name Abigail Marie Harkness

Position Sister

Rank Sister

Character Information

Gender Female
Ethnicity European
Age 48

Physical Appearance

Height 5';6"
Build Thin
Hair Color Blonde
Eye Color Gray
Physical Description Beautiful, but cold with a detached look about her. Abigail is almost always seen in a black dress with a simple headcovering, her nun's habit long since ruined. She keeps her hair no more than shoulder length, often shorter.


Children 1 Unnamed child
Father Jeremiah Harkness
Mother Delilah Harkness
What is their relationship like with their family? Her family did not approve of her becoming a nun even when the world was good, she hasn';t seen them since her father disowned her.

Personality & Traits

What is a specific, short-term goals do they have? To maintain peace in her tiny colony.
What is a broad, long-term goals do they have? To grow her tiny community into something that can not just survive, but thrive.
What kind of person do they want to be? A gentle kind child of god, something she strives to be when she can.
Describe a hobby they have or a community they are a part of. Abigail started the garden and is often seen tending the flowers not actually part of the greenhouse.

Brief Biography Born in a small farming town, Abigail's life started out quietly. She became religious as a teenager, much to her father's dismay. After a nasty fight with her father, in which he disowned her, she was forced to leave home. With nowhere to go, she took shelter in a church and was offered a home with the sisters. She would quickly find the life much to her liking and would learn medicine and gardening from the sisters. And then the world fell apart. She and some of the sisters found the Woodrose apartments and with the help of the parishioners of the church converted it into a shelter. Here they would make a home. Several times that home was violated in the early days, but they survived. She would become pregnant from one of those violations and keep the child hidden as an orphan of the colony. Time would pass and she would carry the weight of her sadness in her heart.
What is a dark secret they hide that if got out could ruin their life? Abigail has a child, whom she has raised as one of the orpahns of the colony. Only a few know, but all are sworn to secrecy. If it came out that she had a child it would jeopardize her leadership of Woodrose Colony.