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Sister Olivia

Name Olivia Duchamp

Position Junior Sister

Rank Sister

Character Information

Gender Female
Ethnicity American
Age 24
Sexuality Straight

Physical Appearance

Height 1.68m
Build Medium
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Brown
Physical Description Olivia Duchamp had brown hair and grey eyes who has a medium build and wears a nun's habit.


Spouse Kevin (deceased)
Children Nathaniel (deceased)
Father Paul (missing presumed dead)
Mother Natalie (deceased: CBI infection)
Brother(s) Joel (deceased: CBI infection)
Sister(s) Alison (missing presumed dead)
What is their relationship like with their family? Olivia got on quite well with her parents and her siblings, but she did not get on well with her husband.

Personality & Traits

What is a specific, short-term goals do they have? To help people who need assistance in anyway shape of form and to help tend to the less fortunate.
What is a broad, long-term goals do they have? To make amends for her past mistakes and grow stronger and overcome her fears.
What kind of person do they want to be? Olivia wants to become someone who is kind, compassionate, and will go out of her way to put the needs of others before her own, no matter what the cost.
Describe a hobby they have or a community they are a part of. Olivia is a novice nun in the Sisters of Mercy order which she joined when she came to the Woodrose Colony, a devout catholic since birth becoming a nun was given her past misdeeds logical.

Brief Biography Olivia Duchamp was born in Brooklyn New York in April of 2009, she was the youngest of three children, her father was a NYPD Detective and her mother an ER nurse.

At the time of the CBI outbreak Olivia was 4, her sister Alison was 11 and her brother Joel was 15, their mother succumbed to the CBI fungus quite early on into the outbreak. Unable to live in the ruins of New York where Natalie 'died' Paul relocated the family to Boston Massachusetts.

In 2023 Olivia became separated from her father and sister, Joel had died a year earlier after being bitten by the Infected, Olivia soon found herself in a Military Academy. She lasted two years there before she escaped the hellhole during the chaos surrounding a CBI outbreak due to spores.

In 2026 Olivia joined up with a gang that rampaged across parts of the US killing anyone who didn't join their ranks, she was often used as bait to lure victims into the traps.

During her time with the gang Olivia became involved with the son of the gang leader and although they were never married she became his wife for all intensive purposes and in 2028 she had a son named Kevin whom they named Nathaniel for his grandfather who was killed in an 'ambush'.
Sometime in the year 2031 Olivia and Nathaniel fled from the gang, due to the demise of Kevin months earlier, as they fled the hideout she left a gate open, and escaped just as a horde of Infected swarmed towards the open gate.

Sometime between 2031 and when Olivia found the Woodrose Colony in Minneapolis, Minnesota Nathaniel had 'died' and she was now alone, she had long given up hope of finding her father and sister alive.

When Olivia entered the Woodrose Colony she applied and then joined the Sisters of Mercy, her family were devout Catholics and she had often as a child thought of becoming a nun.
What is a dark secret they hide that if got out could ruin their life? Olivia has two dark and potentially ruinous secrets:

The first secret is Olivia killed her 'father-in-law as he slept whilst they were out on a bonding session. Joshua was not a nice man, he made life for her hellish and she shot him dead as he slept.

The second and most difficult to forget or forgive secret is Olivia killed her own son, for no other reason than he was a permanent reminder of both his father and grandfather, she buried the body in a cemetery adjacent to a ruined catholic church.