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Brother James Marshal

Name James Henry Marshall

Position Deacon

Rank Brother

Character Information

Gender Male
Ethnicity Hispanic
Age 42
Sexuality Homosexual

Physical Appearance

Height 5'8"
Build Average
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Green
Physical Description A little on the shorter side compared to most men, he holds himself upright and it seems to make up for it. He is almost always seen with a sardonic smile


Father Henry Marshall
Mother Helena Marshall
What is their relationship like with their family? He barely spoke with them before the outbreak and assumes them dead.

Personality & Traits

What is a specific, short-term goals do they have? To make it through another harsh winter and keep the colony alive.
What is a broad, long-term goals do they have? To gain control over the colony from Sister Harkness and guide it towards a more inclusive parish.
What kind of person do they want to be? An open and honest one, so the opposite of what he is.
Describe a hobby they have or a community they are a part of. He is a Deacon, it takes up most of his life, he has;t had time for personal passions in many years.

Brief Biography James was born to an ex-priest and his wife and as such grew up in a highly religious household. From a young age, he was highly involved in the church, attending religious school and becoming a deacon just before the shit hit the fan and the world ended. He was one of the first survivors to join Woodrose Colony and quickly nestled himself in the complex power system there. In the years since he has all but taken complete control of the colony, acting as the shepherd to the flock. This has strained his relationship with Sister Abigail Harkness, but the two have an understanding deeper than most could guess.
What is a dark secret they hide that if got out could ruin their life? James Marshall is a homosexual and keeps this a closely guarded secret. His position as Deacon could be lost if it were to come to light.