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Brother Will Campbell

Name Joesph William Campbell

Position Scavenger

Rank Brother

Character Information

Gender Male
Ethnicity Caucasian
Age 29
Sexuality Gay

Physical Appearance

Height 5'11"
Build Slim
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Blue(seafoam)
Physical Description Will doesn’t have an imposing figure, he is almost exactly six feet tall. He weighs just 155 pounds. He’s not weak by any means, but he doesn’t really have a six-pack. Willowy is the best way to describe his figure.

His eyes are his most striking figure, they are the color of the bay on a summer’s day, somewhere between green and blue. They are one of the first things people usually notice about him. His hair is brown, but depending on the season its shade changes from a dark, sandy, brown, that is almost black, in the winter, to a warm brown that is almost a strawberry blond during the summer or when it gets more light and sun.

He isn’t much of a clotheshorse. Jeans and flannel shirts(tee shirts, or shirtless in the summer) are his go-to outfits.


Spouse None
Children None
Father Joseph Scott Campbell
Mother Angela ‘nee Sanderson Campblee
Brother(s) None
Sister(s) Jerri-Ann Mclasister
What is their relationship like with their family? His parents are dead, his sister is missing and he has no contact with her, but he had a good relationship with them.

Personality & Traits

What is a specific, short-term goals do they have? Will wants to find both shelter and community. To be part of something bigger than himself, where he can contribute to the cause.
What is a broad, long-term goals do they have? Will has always been a survivor in every sense of that term and has developed certain talents and skills along the way.

He is quite skilled in obtaining items by sometimes questionable methods. He now wants to do so for the greater good, not just his personal benefit.

He also wants to hone his nursing/medic skills

Finding true love would be nice too.
What kind of person do they want to be? Will is basically a good man, whose moral compass mostly points true North. He has something of a shady past, which he's been able to put mostly behind him.

He wants to continue to live in the here and now and become better
Describe a hobby they have or a community they are a part of. Surfing, cooking, reading are among the things Will likes to do.

Brief Biography Will's parents adopted two children Jerri Ann and five years later, Will. Will was named partially after his father but has always gone by his middle name.

Will's family comes from Peregrine's Cove Oregon a small coastal town. Things were pretty normal until he was 12 and the CBI outbreak hit. But then the happy normal life he had known fled and it became a matter of survival.

For five years they managed to do so with more than one narrow, harrowing escape. Adding to the drama, he realized during that time that he was gay, and eventually came out to his parents. Who eventually accepted him.

Then things took a turn for the worse. His parents died from the virus and he and his sister were separated. He hasn't seen her since. He has been on his own since 17.

He's picked up a few skills along the way; he's proficient with firearms, though by no means an expert marksman, he's become a highly-skilled nurse/medic, but his greatest skill(of his known ones)is his ability to procure need items, like medicine, that are sometimes in short supply.
What is a dark secret they hide that if got out could ruin their life? Will is hiding two secrets, one more destructive than the other. The first secret, the one that he hopes doesn't come out but would hurt but not destroy him, is that he has appeared in eight gay porn films.

The second secret, which hurt him much more severely is that he's a thief and a conman