General Rules
- Respect each other.

- No drama. There is a fun section and complaints and hate only as above with the suggestions/problems. You may also contact the staff.

- NO ATTACKS! Including, but not limited to calling others liars or names.

- Suggestions and Problems can be posted in the #community-board channel.

- Above all be creative and post what you love. Just don't do anything to any other's character without permission and only them are allowed to kill their character unless another is told to.

- Real-life comes first! If you need to take your leave of absence and take care of business, please do so. We have experienced people that can handle things.

Character Creation Rules
-Please read and answer every question.

-When submitting an application, please submit a fully filled out form, leaving no area empty. It is designed to be a form quick and easy to fill out.

-No one may be immune to the outbreak. If you get bit or inhale spores, you change. No way out of it, but you will have several hours to milk good drama out of it.

This RP has a rating of
RPG Rating 3 3 3

This means
-All swearing is permitted
Meaning a there is no single word banned from this group in terms of IC character communication. This means slurs and profanity, while not encouraged, are permitted

-Sexual scenes and Sexuality are Permitted
The apocalypse is a time when passions flare, both in terms of violence and sexuality. All expressions of sexuality are permitted, though if that is your primary focus, please look elsewhere.

-Violence is permitted
The apocalypse is a dark time and a brutal one. People live and die at the drop of a hat. Violent scenes and imagery are permitted.